Carry all of your finishing tools at once! Four 6' x 1-3/8" aluminum bull float handles are secured to a plastic divider to eliminate slipping. The 48" round end Extru-Lite™ Magnesium Channel Float has a Knucklehead® II double-tilt bracket securely attached. The strong, yet lightweight blade features 2" tall sides for rigidity proving to be an ideal choice for flatwork and paving jobs. The bracket features a protected grease reservoir for longer wear. The bag has a cut-out opening for the bracket to protrude while attached to the float without harming the bags integrity. Five exterior pockets hold the user's tools. Inside the bag are two mesh pockets with zippers and 2 more large pockets with flap closures secured with Velcro. One pocket features stitched dividers for narrow handles and pencils. The bag features plastic straps, metal snaps, and Velcro closures to secure the tools and and the bag during transport. The bag is balanced for ease with a padded adjustable strap for comfort. Must ship via truck due to size. Proudly made in the USA. Kraft. 

  • Carry all of your finishing tools in one bag! 
  • Includes 4 6' 1-3/8" Aluminum Button Handles
  • Channel Float for a flatter finish
  • Knucklehead® II bracket has a protected grease reservoir for longer wear
  • Must ship via truck
  • Made in the USA

EZY-Tote Tool Carrier™ with 48" Channel Float, Knucklehead® II Bracket, and (4)

SKU: CC1016