The perfect angle in a steel blade for moving concrete into place! This placer features a strong heavy-duty steel blade. The large 20 In. x 5 In. blade is made from 12 gauge, cold rolled steel for exceptional toughness. The blade is angled with an optimal curve to easily push and pull material into place as the user spreads and levels concrete. A 60 In. heavy-duty shovel like wood handle attaches to the blade with bolts connected to a strong ferrule. The spreader ships assembled for immediate use. Must ship via truck. Proudly made in the USA. Kraft. 

  • 12 gauge, cold rolled steel blade
  • Large 20 In. x 5 In. steel blade
  • Blade properly angled for ease in placing concrete
  • Designed for optimal pulling and pushing action
  • 60 In. shovel-type wood handle
  • 4 bolts secure ferrule to blade
  • Must ship via truck
  • Made in the USA

20" x 5" Heavy-Duty Concrete Spreader with Handle (Assembled)